Monday, 28. October 2013
peacecamp 2013 at the Jewish Film Festival Vienna 2013

Watch peacecamp 2013 in the festival version film of 45 minutes:

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Thursday, 24. October 2013
This was peacecamp 2013

For me it was an amazing experience to go to “peacecamp 2013”, it was an amazing place, also the fact that I traveled with my classmates. And got to know other people with different way of thinking, and to get to know new cultures was such a wonderful experience for me.
I also think of the peacecamp that I’ve participated to that it was a really good start to promote peace, because we lived with the other side
(the Jewish side) and we got the chance to know what they think and what they feel, we also understood that they are good people and not like we used to think they are because the conflicts in our country.

Yosef (from the Arab Group)

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Monday, 7. October 2013
This was peacecamp 2013

„This was peacecamp 2013“

Since the peacecamp 2013 experience i had lots of changes that happend in my life and in the way ithink and judge peaple, now i have made new friends from different parts of the world.Peacecamp was really interesting its change the way I think about others i really had fun and I really want to go back and to see the changes that make each one of all sides.

Najdat Jaber

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