Thursday, 3. October 2013
Peacecamp 2013 was

Peacecamp 2013 was…

…exciting, salutary, instructive, interesting, unique, diverse, arduous, back-breaking, intense, energizing, adventurous, fun and sad – all at the same time!!!

…to be woken up at 7.30 each end every day in the first week of your holidays-and than eating watermelon for breakfast.

…exchanging stories, sharing experiences and feeling the importance of an individual in a community.

…getting to know the customs of other cultures and religions.

…laughing, singing, dancing (also in the rain), screaming, crying together.

…having long walks trough melodic wheat and rye fields in the beautiful landscape of the Waldviertel.

…doing almost everything “4 peace”.

…being incredible impressed by seeing how talented everybody of us is.

…a short but amazing trip to the idyllic little Slavonice in Czech Republic, in which communication is a problem and the summer heat tires one to death.

…a full program.

…loads of chocolate bananas and gummi bears.

… sharing a room with 20 other girls.

…learning how to say, "L'chaim".

…getting to a point, whereas you say, “That’s it!” and giving air to your own opinion.

…getting enormously much new energy while meditating every morning.

…gaining friends from Hungary, Israel, France and Austria.

…getting a Kufiya gifted.

…being close to tears while hearing these touching stories such as…seeing a bus, from which you got down two seconds earlier, exploding in front of your eyes.

…experiencing the taste of fresh cheese coated in chocolate from Hungary and eating “Bamba” from Israel.

…celebrating Ramadan and Shabbat.




…wanderlust (yen to see distant places).

Chiara Köhler (A)