Friday, 4. October 2013
This was peacecamp 2013

„This was peacecamp 2013“

Please write a brief essay „this was peacecamp 2013“ in which you convey your personal thoughts and impressions about the peacecamp in which you have participated.

I think peacecamp was a new experience for all of us, it was fun and cool, I met a new people and made new friends, I learned a lot about other cultures, which was really hopeful and useful.

The place is really nice, and everything about the camp was good.
I wish that I can go back, to see all of the friends that I met this summer and all of the great leaders.

I also learned how to express myself and how to express our-selves as a Palestinian group, I also learned to listen and hear other groups.

This was peacecamp 2013 for me (=
Aden Abu Dalu.(Palest. delegation)