Monday, 30. September 2013
This was peacecamp 2013

This was peacecamp 2013
I was very happy because I had the chance to participate in peacecamp 2013. I’ve never thought that it’s so good.
I was really excited about the whole camp about the other students and the teachers, but on the way to Reibers after just a few minutes we started to talk with each other and realized that everybody is so kind and we have a lot in common we think the same about many things and so on. In Reibers we had a lot of programmes all of them was amusing and enjoyable in different ways. I loved the yoga in the morning because every night we talked a lot and we didn’t sleep. We thought that it’s waste of time to sleep instead of talking and doing funny things, laughing a lot with the others. We came from different countries and cultures but we became best friends through these 11 days. So in the yoga we relaxed and slept. :) I also liked the culture evenings really much because everybody had a chance to show something as a group and individual too, about his or her country and just give something to the others from herself. Actually I also enjoyed the preparation for our evening.:) It was such an awesome experience when every participant and the leaders were dancing and having fun together as a BIG FAMILY. I learned and we talked a lot about conflicts between Palestinians and Israelites. It was especially good for me because I didn’t know it so well, and here I could speak with teenagers about it. In the village everybody was open, enthusiastic, and affectionate. I just don’t know how to thank it for Evelyn and for our teacher Szilvi. This was an unforgettable experience for a lifetime. These friendships are true; the others are sooooo close to me. I really love them. I hope we will be able to keep in touch through the internet until we meet again. (Everybody hopes it will be in Israel next summer)
All in all I’m very grateful to everybody who made these 11 days so wonderful. That was my best camp ever and it will be forever.
I really miss U all! <3 I want to go back immediately! Zsófi B. (Hungarian group)