Monday, 23. September 2013
This was peacecamp

When somebody says next to me : Peacecamp , I start to smileing because it was a very-very good experience in my life. At the starting i was a bit afraid of the other people from other countries but when we had to say goodbye in the end… that was a painfull moment. During this 11 days i got know with 31 childrens good side and their culture. The starting of the days got a rote for the end and the programs were very enjoyable. I have too much experience to write them or to choose only one or two. I think everybody think and feel the same. I hope that i can see them again. I learnt that i should make peace because if i don’t do that , my environment will be restless and then it get worse and worse. I really want to say Thank you for Ronnie and Evelyn for these good experiences!
David (Hung. delegation)