What to bring to peacecamp


please bring a few personal photos and/or a few minutes video showing actual scenes in your own environment/home/school/life space, with youself on it and/or some of your family/friends/teachers/neighbors. That could help us imagine how and where you live and what life looks like in your environent.

Do not forget to bring



- inexpensive WHITE T- SHIRT
, 100% cotton, washed, with your name written in it

with photos, documents and texts about your family and origins

- your chapter talks4peace on a poster .

- your group's contribution/preparation for "Culture evening"

- SPICES or ingredients of your favorite food

- any music instrument you play and can bring – guitar, flute, drum, accordion, castanets, etc.

- your photo-/video camera

- your favorite MUSIC. A piece of ART, a POEM, SONG of your country on the topic of peace

- if it exists in your country: ALPHABET SOUP


- plastic slippers

- underwear
- pyjamas
- jeans
- shorts
- light short-sleave-t-shirts
- long sleave shirt
- 1 warm sweater
- 1 pair of good waterproof shoes/sneakers

- rain cover or waterproof jacket

- head-cover

- sun-protection
- mosquito-repellent
- toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, etc.
- if you are a girl: sanitary napkin/tampax or the like
- some pocket-money to spend, just in case
- your favorite SNACKS and nibbles, just in case....

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Vaccination against tick bites

You absolutely have to be vaccinated against ticks bites. http://www.tbefacts.com/
In order to be protected, you need to receive two shots of the vaccine with an interval of at least 2 weeks between them, prior to your trip to Austria.

You will NOT BE ADMITTED to peacecamp if you do not provide evidence that you have been vaccinated (2 shots) or a statement from your parents saying that they are not interested in you being vaccinated.
This has to be provided until June 1st.

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What to send when you register for peacecamp 2013

  1. a photo and a short description of yourself, with a few words about why you want to come to peacecamp, what you expect and what you could contribute

  • your participation sheet (it will be given to you by your group coordinator)
  • questionnaire "4 questions concerning peace" (it will be given to you by your group coordinator). This questionnaire will also be given to you after the peacecamp, and you will be kindly requested to fill it in again.
  • Please note that you may be requested to fill in other questionnaires at different times before, during or after the peacecamp to enable us to evaluate the peacecamp, as required by some of our sponsors.

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