Where peacecamp 2013 will take place

Reibers, a small village in Lower Austria, is a wonderful quiet place in the midst of beautiful landscape, far away from the distractions of a city and therefore very suitable to create a new, peaceful world.

You can find some information about the youth hostel ("Jugendgästehaus") that will accomodate you there: www.8ung.at

our youth hostel:

our restaurant:

You should know that you will not always have connection to the internet and that cell phones do not always function properly there. Please tell your parents not to worry if they don't hear much from you: tell them that no news are good news.

It is a very safe place in the sense that there are practically no dangers there – no war, no terror, not even much traffic, only, maybe, moskitoes. And ticks.

However, as their bites can cause severe illnesses (i.e. possibility of irreversible damage), you absolutely have to be vaccinated against ticks bites!


the village

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