Meet Angelika Maayan - Art&Fun4peace Workshop


Hi, my name is Angelika, I come from Austria and I have lived with my family in Israel for some years.
I am a theater artist and a drama therapist, and I work with people of all ages, colours and religions, sometimes in different languages, sometimes even without language. I believe that art is a wonderful and peaceful way to communicate, and I am sure
that we learn from everyone, and every meeting is important. So I am really looking forward to meeting all you wonderful people, and to starting to create, to laugh, to think and to learn together. See you soon !

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Meet Gerald Muthsam - video4peace

Hallo, I am Gerald Muthsam and this is my seventh peacecamp. At the previous peacecamps I led Outdoor- , Video- and Photoworkshops. As last year I will do a Videodocumentation. I am looking forward to meeting you and am sure that it will again be a wonderful experience.

See you soon

Mein Name ist Gerald Muthsam. Heuer bin ich das siebte Mal beim Peacecamp dabei. Bei den ersten drei Peacecamps habe ich Outdoor-, Video- und Fotoworkshops gehalten. So wie letztes Jahr werde ich eine Videodokumentation vom Peacecamp drehen.
Ich freue mich auf euer Kommen und bin mir sicher, dass es wieder ein großartiges Erlebnis werden wird.
Bis bald,

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Meet Silvio Gutkowski - large group 4 peace

Dear friends:

This is my seventh peace camp , and I am happy and ready to share again this extraordinary experience.
As some of you know I am in charge of the Large group event, and I know from the past that every group is different to the other every year. Then I must be prepared for the new and unknown interactions between you. Because all this thoughts I feel very privileged to be in Austria with such bunch of motivated and creative young people.
So I am waiting the next future to meet every one of you.

Best regards.

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