Monday, 30. September 2013
This was Peacecamp 2013...

ebl, 24. September 2013, 23:08 [this was peacecamp 2013]
Overall, I really enjoyed to be here and I’m glad to got the chance to be here. In any case I feel that I’m a better person because of it. It was great to get so many new friends, to learn how they think, what they lived and are living through, and how is this part of the world looks like where they are come from. We learned a lot about respect each other and ourselves. We got help how to find our peace and the common voice with the others. It was interesting to learn about the different cultures and last but not least we got very close to each other in this time. We were really sad when we had to say goodbye. I hope that once a time the whole group can meet each other again...maybe in Israel...:)

Domi (Hung. Group)

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This was peacecamp

This was peacecamp
• Making new friends
• Living in the middle of nowhere
• Make some good music with ’teachers’
• Learn how to play on harp
• Learn political things
• Learn about the history
• Learn how to make a frontflip
• Try to learn how to do a backflip
• Get wounded while trying to do a backflip
• Get a good t-shirt as a souvenir from peacecamp
• Cry because u will miss those guys u have met
• And finally leave

Peter (Hung. Group)

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This was Peacecamp 2013

This was Peacecamp 2013

Let’s begin with huge acknowledgements towards Evelyn, Roony, and everyone who supported this camp in any way. It was an experience which I will never forget. I don’t feel any regret for going there, it was totally worth it. I gained a lot.

First of all using English as foreign language for 11 days was very beneficial. Discussing important issues like the EU or the conflicts in Israel was very different than our discussions in the school. It was great to try myself in it. I became more confident with my English each day. I also could practise my German with the staff in the restaurant (:

Furthermore we could step out from our conventional little world. We had to face conflicts which we don’t have in the EU. We got to know feelings behind the facts from the Jewish side and also from the Palestinian side.
On the other hand I started to see the European and Hungarian issues from an other perspective. I heard different opinions and these made me think more about the problems. Since the camp I pay much more attention to the news in the radio or TV and I also discuss the events with my friends.

In addition I made friendships which will last forever. I got acquainted with the cultures of the participant nations on the culture evenings. We tasted their food, listened to and sang their music and got closer to their country. We could also show them a bit of Hungary. I enjoyed every moment of the preparation we made for it before the camp.

For me it was surprising that the food was great, the accommodation was also nice and everyone who worked with/for us was selfless. Before that I went to camps which were more about money than experiences. Now I feel that the peacecamp was nearly free. I gave so little and I got so much. Thank you for that!

I hope Evelyn will be able to continue this work so other students could experience what I did. I can’t say thank you enough to express my gratitude for everything I got in the peacecamp2013 but I’ll try: Thank you!

Anna (Huing. delegation

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