Monday, 6. May 2013
Meet Maysa Baransi -Workshop talks4peace

I am Maysa Baransi a Palestinian from Jerusalem and a mother of two; Loure is 11 and Hanna Pierre is 5.
I have pursued my education in England. After my return in 1996, I carried on with my Peace activism, calling for Justice, Freedom, and Equality, through lectures at Israeli and Palestinian Universities across the country calling for non violence activism and for Peace. I have participated in many dialogue programs, and facilitated youth groups, for dialogue, post conflict and non violence.
In 2003 I founded and Co- Directing All For Peace Radio station – the only Independent Israeli- Palestinian joint media outlet.

My passion is people and the love of people, thus I am serving in many board across the country and abroad promoting my values, believing in creating a better future to us all.