Thursday, 23. May 2013
Meet Liz Vanun , the coordinator of the Jewish-Israeli Delegation from Zvulun High school

My name is Liz Vanun and I am an English teacher at Carmel Zvulun Regional High School, which is situated near Haifa, in Kibbutz Yagur. I was born in Amsterdam, Holland and moved to Israel when I was twenty years old. Though I have lived in Israel ever since, I have had the opportunity to spend time in many other countries; I love to travel, meet new people and their culture. Israel, being a melting pot of so many different cultures, is therefore the perfect place for me.
I am both honored and excited about having been given the opportunity
to be part of a delegation that represents our country in such a
wonderful and important program. I strongly believe that meeting each
other, exchanging different, and often opposite views, are essential in
the attempt to get a better understanding of each other. It is not enough
to talk about peace; actual steps must be taken to attain what we all
want. The 4Peace camp is a great opportunity to lay the foundation for
better understanding, better communication and empathy for the pain
and loss of the other side.
I am looking forward to meeting everyone and hope that, alongside the
differences, we will be able to look beyond them and discover that we
have far more in common than we initially thought.