Tuesday, 4. June 2013
Meet Chiara Köhler, Austrian delegation

Incredible! Wow, everything that I read about you so far, sounds super exciting and I can’t wait to actually get to know all of you!
Anyways, my name is Chiara and I am living with my family in Bregenz, which is situated at Lake Constance.
Whenever I find some time for myself, I like to read, sometimes do Yoga or go for running! I love theater and am myself involved in two theater clubs, and I often enjoy watching plays too! Soon my theater group is going to perform “Playing for time” from Arthur Miller, which tells the story of a girls’ orchestra from Auschwitz.
It’s a very touching and emotional play!
Furthermore, I am always anxious to travel and to get to know new cultures (as I guess all of you are!).
See you soon,


Pierre Alabrune, 6/17/13 10:21 AM
Hey Chiara! We created a Peace Camp group on Facebook! Do you have an account ?
we always write peacecamp - small p at the beginning, one word - to differentiate it from other projects with this name. please keep this spelling if you refer to peacecamp in internet or in wrtiting about it in the pubic space.